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as one of the young and modern companies in Turkmenistan, manufactures and sells CF FDY multifilament yarns from polypropylene. Even though it has been opened short time ago, our company has been able to acquire many reliable partners inside and outside the country, considering long-term and bilateral advantageous relations.

We work with latest equipment from world-renowned companies to keep the quality of our yarns high and consistent. From the beginning of the production process, i.e. – from the selection of raw materials to the finished product, it is strictly controlled by our specialists and subjected to laboratory tests.


Characteristics of "KEMENT" CF FDY multifilament PP-yarn:


The production process of CF FDY multifilament PP-yarns begins with the extrusion of polypropylene granules. The chemical composition of the polymer gives the yarn its chemical and physical resistance as well as environmental durability.

Due to its non-polar structure, the PP yarn can be described as chemically inert, which gives it excellent properties in terms of resistance to chemical substances. Its physical properties include high resistance to capillary rupture and material fatigue, as well as high resilience, high thermal stability and impact resistance.


Depending on the area of ​​application and in order to meet the needs of our customers, we use high-end Masterbatches and additives for our CF FDY multifilament PP yarns. Working closely with famous chemical companies, we are also able to produce antistatic, UV and even flame retardant yarns that can be used in various situations.


Through various Masterbatches, unlike the dyeing process of other yarns – we can give our PP-yarns various colors without using water. In addition, our CF FDY multifilament PP yarns are easily and cheaply "recyclable". Different from other polymers such as Nylon or Polyester, it does not require a complex chemical separation process.


PP yarns are the lightest in weight, compared to other yarns. More precisely, there is a 50% difference in weight from cotton, 34% from polyester and 20% from nylon.


Due to its odorless, pleasant, antibacterial and water-repellent properties, PP yarns are widely used in the textile industry for weaving high-quality and versatile fabrics.

We manufacture following yarns:

We also have a large selection of colors. We are able to produce yarns with different characteristics (FR, UV treatment and etc.) according to customer's requirements.

DenierNo. filamentTypeElongation
10050medium tenacity20 – 30%
15050,72medium tenacity20 – 30%
20050,72,74medium tenacity20 – 30%
25050,72,74medium tenacity20 – 30%
30050,72,74medium tenacity20 – 30%
40050,72,74medium tenacity20 – 30%
50050,72,74medium tenacity20 – 30%
60050,72,74,96high tenacity15 – 30%
80050,72,74,96high tenacity15 – 30%
1000144,148high tenacity15 – 30%
1500144,148high tenacity15 – 30%
2000288,296high tenacity15 – 30%
2500288,296high tenacity15 – 30%
3000288,296high tenacity15 – 30%
4000288,296high tenacity15 – 30%


The production facility covers an area of 1000 m² and located on the 105th land plot of the industrial zone of the Ak Bugday district, Akhal region. Our company has all the necessary infrastructure for the production, testing and shipment of goods

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